Postscript Postcards


Nov 14, 2012
Jared Rippy
Denver, USA
I am contacting you to let you know about our new project called Postscript. We like postcards, a lot. So making them was kind of a natural course for us and it’s nice to be able to connect people with their community, friends, and family in a fun hand crafted way. Anyways I was hoping you would want to cover this and help us get the word out. Here are some more details: We like to think that Postscript postcards aren’t typical, and are more of a letterpressed art print that can be mailed. Postscript is the work of Jared and Rachel Rippy, husband and wife design duo in Denver, Colorado. All of our postcards are crafted with love. They are available for purchase at Our inaugural series for Denver streets takes a fun look into the history and meaning behind the names of streets. Series one takes on the literal history behind the naming process of Wazee, Wadsworth, Ogden, Lafayette, and Broadway with a conceptual Art Deco era motif. Our second street series interprets Otis, York, Pontiac, Colfax, and Bannock into creatures depicting certain characteristics of the area they abide and the meaning of the names. More streets are in the works and keep your eye out for other series as well. All postcards are printed by Denver’s Banshee press (, owned and operated by Britt Madden. Please let me know if you need any more info. Thank you for your consideration. Jared Rippy

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